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March 24, 2019  

Pressing On With Tithing

Isn't tithing a thing of the the old testament? I worked hard for the money I earned, why should I give a tenth to God/the church? These and other questions are answered in this message preached by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills 2001 which is still relevant today. 

March 17, 2019  

Matthew 9:35-36

The church is like a hospital. People come in sick and would usually leave in a better shape than they came. Rather than being judgmental and cold, Christians must endeavor to welcome every and anyone who is making an attempt to "fix" their life by helping to make their stay in the church a life changing experience.

March 3, 2019  

The Great Commission 3

This message is a recap of the last two messages on the Great commission. We need to tell everyone that Jesus loves them and died for them- there's no way around that command.

February 24, 2019  

The Great Commission 2

 When following a command it is important to execute the command/instructions  according to what you've been told and not to modify it. Similarly we must obey God's call to reach out to the world  on His terms and not to substitute it with good works like feeding the poor, handing out clothing etc. While these are all great and kind gestures it does not solve the problem that unsaved person faces-condemnation (John 3:18)

February 17, 2019  

The Great Commission

Today's message starts with testimonies of how some church members got saved. The common theme in all their accounts is that someone preached to them. In other words someone played the role of God's mouth's piece. As simplistic as it may sound, that is still the method God is still using today. It's time for every Christian to tell another about Christ and God will do the rest.

February 10, 2019  

How To Become A Devoted Member

A message from the archives but still relevant today. Bishop Dag Heward Mills teaches on how one can become a devoted church member and why it is important to be one.

January 27, 2019  

Victory Secrets Chapter 17

In order to have victory or to win, you must persevere to the end. Giving up is easy and distractions will always come but only the one who remains to the end is rewarded.

January 20, 2019  

Victory Secrets Chapter 2

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills in his book Victory Secrets says "The spirit of revelation leads to the unfolding, the opening and the uncovering of what is going on behind the scenes. The spirit of revelation shows you what is going on behind the curtains. The spirit of revelation teaches you all about what is under the covers." Rev Mark breaks down what the Spirit of revelation is and how it should operate in a christian's life.

January 13, 2019  

The Importance of Fasting

Fasting is one of the disciplines of the Christian's life. Jesus said when you fast, not if you fast(Matthew 6:16). So what does fasting actually achieve and what makes up an effectual fast? Rev Mark Dwomoh answers these questions in today's powerful message.

December 30, 2018  

Lessons From The Christmas Story 3

The Word of God encourages us to give thanks in all thing( circumstances) and there's no better time to do that than at the end of the year as you reflect on 2018. Rather than complain, consider the goodness of God and overflow with thanksgiving.