Lighthouse Chapel Int, Minneapolis (now Qodesh Family Church, Minneapolis

Life changing messages preached at the Lighthouse Chapel International (Minneapolis Branch) pastored by Pastor MacAndrew Edekor

August 8th, 2017    

Supernatural Power Part 4

Sometimes, it takes repeated and sustained ministrations to encounter the supernatural. Listen to learn more on one of the laws of Supernatural Power.


August 6th, 2017    

Reasons We Must Have a Mega Church Part 3

Luke 14:23. The church of God must be filled up with people; and to accomplish this goal, we must compel others to come into the house of the LORD. Listen to understand more on the essence of having a Mega Church.


August 1st, 2017    

Lifting Up the Name of Jesus

John 12:28-32: We can only experience the full power of God if we lift up the name of Jesus. How do we lift up the name of Jesus? Listen to this powerful sermon by Pastor Dr. John Amuasi to understand "how".


July 30th, 2017    

Reasons We Must Have a Mega Church Part 2

Additional reasons we must aspire for our church to be full (Luke 14:23) are: [3]Some of the pastors are decieved about church size. [4] A megachurch releases many ministries - when the church is big, various ministries spring up e.g. choir, spoken word, etc. 


July 23rd, 2017    

Reasons We Must Have a Mega Church Part I

The reasons we must aspire for our church to be full (Luke 14:23) are: [1]Our harvest field is the world.(Mark 16:15-16). [2] The harvest is still plenty and undone (Matt. 9:37). 


July 16th, 2017    

Come Unto Me

There is no way we can live full lives as God intended us to unless we cling unto Him. As such, Jesus encourages us to come unto Him (Matt. 11:28-30). Learn how to find rest in Christ as you listen to this sermon.


July 9th, 2017    

Unbeatable Prosperity Part 5

One of the keys to experience Unbeatable Properity is to seek first God's kingdom. Listen to find out more.


June 25th, 2017    

Unbeatable Prosperity Part 4

When God is with us, and when He is keeping us (Gen. 28:15), there is no way that we will not prosper. Learn more about how to have unbeatable prosperity.


June 18th, 2017    

Unbeatable Prosperity Part 3

1 Cor 4:7 What have we that was not given us. Be encouraged as you learn the essence of returning to God, all that is due Him, to experience His divine provision.


June 11th, 2017    

Unbeatable Prosperity Part 2

We can try to be prosperous in our own strength, but God is the one who gives prosperity. Giving a tenth to the LORD which belongs to Him (Lev. 27:30) is one of the ways that prosperity is unlocked in our lives. Find out more in the 2nd part of this series.


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